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Knights of Columbus Honor Guard  

The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus is love of country and impress the duties of citizenship. Its motto is Patriotism -- a patriotism enlightened and informed by religion.

The Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Honor Guard is the most prominent feature of the Order. These are the Knights in parades. These are the Knights saluting the Bishop when he visits your Parish. These are the Knights carrying the flag to centerfield. These are the Knights who will stand by your widow at your funeral.

While there is no denying the good works of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity done by our Brother Knights in the Councils, the image most people in your Parish have when they think of "the Knights of Columbus" is the Honor Guard. Participation in the Fourth Degree Honor Guard is not mandatory. However, for those Sir Knights who do it, the experience is life changing. Only members of the Fourth Degree can be members of the Honor Guard. It is perhaps the greatest gift and the greatest responsibility of the Patriotic Degree.

Join the Honor Guard

Membership in the Honor Guard is one of the best ways to be a visible contributor to the Knights of Columbus. To join the Honor Guard, Sir Knights must first acquire the official Fourth Degree Uniform and a Knights of Columbus sword. These uniforms became the standard for the order in 2019. While the tuxedo and social baldric are still permitted for Fourth Degree occasions, the new uniform is a requirement for all members of the Honor Guard. The sword remains the same, and vintage swords from earlier eras are also permissible.

Consider Joining your Brother Sir Knights ------Tony Robinson Color Corps Commander

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